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Have the defective car battery replaced

Defective car batteries are one of the most frequent causes of breakdowns in the UK.

Despite the widespread misconception, car batteries are not completely maintenance-free and have only a limited lifetime.

A battery must be checked for its condition at regular intervals and replaced if necessary.

When should a car battery be changed?

When exactly a car battery needs to be replaced depends on many factors. Frequent starts, poor charging and hot summers accelerate the ageing of the batteries.

With increasing age, the capacity of a battery decreases. Especially in cold winters, older battery models then reach their limits, because low temperatures further reduce the capacity. In the worst case, the capacity of a car battery is then no longer sufficient to start the engine. Such a defect or starting problems due to a weak battery costs the car driver time and nerves. Mostly a breakdown service or the garage has to come to get the car going again.

Why should car batteries be changed over time?

Car batteries do not suddenly break in most cases. However, a defect can occur after only a few years of use. The capacity of the battery tends to decrease gradually, so that the battery stores less and less energy over time, because the maximum possible capacity decreases. The ultimate defect becomes apparent when the energy supply to the car's consumers is no longer sufficient.

Defective batteries cannot be repaired so that in the event of a defect, the only option is to replace the car battery Sheffield. Before the battery fails completely or is discharged, preventive replacement helps.

This saves you from annoying breakdowns due to a broken car battery.

Possible signs of a defective car battery:

  • The engine does not start immediately when starting.
  • During starting, the indicator lamps on the dashboard light up weaker than usual.
  • The heater warms up more slowly.
  • Shortly after starting, the car radio has short dropouts.
  • A smell like rotten eggs.
  • A bloated looking battery case.

Battery Repair Sheffield - Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions

This is how an empty battery can be prevented.

Frequently, motorists come to the garage with their car, who have not had their car battery serviced regularly. The described problems can easily be avoided.

When the vehicle is serviced, or the starter-generator system is specially tested, a simple battery test is used to check the performance, i.e. the capacity and charge of the battery and to estimate its remaining service life. In this way, if there is any indication that the battery's capacity is shrinking too much, a battery change can be carried out in good time. Then there will be no difficulty at all in starting the engine or using the entertainment and comfort electronics.

Buy the best car batteries Sheffield

Here at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we always have a variety of top-quality batteries available, and we will be happy to advise you on which one to go for.Our experienced team will certainly also do a battery change Sheffield within only a few minutes so you will be safely back on the road very quickly.

Always have the car battery changed in a workshop.

With modern cars, the car battery is often harder to reach than with old models. It is advisable to have the battery changed by an expert to prevent possible subsequent problems with the electronics.

The type, design and capacity of a battery must be precisely matched to the consumers and the performance of the alternator. In addition, when changing a battery, the on-board electronics should be externally supplied with voltage, otherwise, there is a risk of data loss.

We hope you have found this page interesting and helpful to decide on where to buy the best car batteries Sheffield.

If you have any question, would like to enquire about prices or book a service-or fitting appointment, please call us or come directly to our workshop.

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