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An updated vehicle servicing and maintenance history ensures that your car continues to perform smoothly. Routine servicing is the key to minimise the risk of unexpected car breakdowns and saves you from expensive repairs or MOT failures.

Therefore, to ensure that your vehicle performs as well as it did the very first time you drove it, opt for a professional car repair Sheffield service.

If you are looking for a reliable automobile service station in Sheffield, Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions is your one-stop solution. Our technicians use only the latest tools and state-of-the-art equipment for conducting excellent car servicing, irrespective of your vehicle’s model and make.

Types of services that we offer

Interim service: You should opt for an interim car servicing Sheffield after every 6000 miles or 6 months, whichever is earlier. This is ideal if for high-mileage drivers. Our technicians conduct over 45 essential checks which include:

The vehicle interior like a check of the seat belts, dashboard, interior lights etc.

The vehicle exterior like mirrors, tyres, horn, windscreen wipers

Battery-, alternator- and starter motor checks

Brake check

Change of engine oil

Washer fluid top-up

and more

Full service: We recommend full vehicle, car servicing Sheffieldafter every 12,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes early. This kind of service will ensure that all your car components operate optimally. Some of the essential checks are:

Instrument checks like the horn and warning lights

Check of windscreen wipers

Tyres, clutch, seat belts and brakes

The Battery, will also be checked

Oil- and air-filters will be replaced

These are only a few examples. All in all, we will examine 76 different points.

Seasonal checks:

Extremes of temperatures can take a toll on your 4-wheeler’s performance. Therefore, we advise you to opt for our seasonal summer and winter checks.

Battery, lights and windscreen wiper checks as well as tyres, brakes and Air condition.

This way, we make sure your vehicle is fit for cold winters and hot summers.

Benefits of regular automobile servicing

1. Prevents malfunctioning and expensive repairs: Only regular vehicle services Sheffield can detect your automobile’s underlying issues and provide swift repairs and replacement, thereby keeping you from a hefty repair bill.

2. Enhances fuel economy: With regular car servicing, no vehicle component has to work any harder. Therefore, the engine doesn’t overwork either, and it reflects an improved fuel efficiency.

3. Pass MOT checks easily: Professional car repairing service Sheffield can help you ace your MOT tests by conducting comprehensive checks and ensuring that your car is in top condition.

4. Increases resale value: Another attractive benefit of routine car servicing is that it increases your vehicle’s resale value. Every buyer looks for the automobile’s servicing history as it speaks volumes of the car’s performance and current condition.

5. Reduces pollution: A thoroughly serviced car is compliant with the environmental standards and ensures reduced emissions of harmful gases.

If you are searching for the “best car repair service garage near me”, look no further and allow us to assist you.

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