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There is no specific lifespan of car tyres as it mostly depends on your driving style, tyre pressure and wheel alignment for starters. In the UK, the minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm. 

It is not recommended to drive your vehicle on damaged tyres as it compromises the handling, comfort and safety. Hence, it is in your best interest to be vigilant about your car tyres’ condition and when it’s time, opt for a prompt replacement and buy new car tyres Sheffield.

Regardless of the type of 4-wheeler you drive, at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we have just the right tyres. Wheter it’s 4x4 tyres, Run-flats UHP or regular tyres you are after, allow our experts to help you choose the best-suited tyre for your car from our impressive range of branded options.


Types of tyres we sell

  1. Summer tyres: These tyres are tailored to provide a solid grip on wet and dry road conditions during the warmer months. Backed by dedicated tread patterns and innovative compounds, summer tyres offer enhanced stability while cornering, thereby ensuring better handling and safety. An essential benefit of switching to summer tyres is that you can receive the maximum mileage and performance from your car during the hotter part of the year.

You can easily order new car tyres Sheffield from us as per your convenience from our website. We will have it delivered to your address in no time.

  1. Winter tyres: If you are looking for improved braking performance and better traction on snowy or icy roads, consider buying winter tyres from us. These tyres come with an aggressive tread pattern meant to provide better vehicle control over snow and slush.
  2. All-season tyres: Are you looking for a durable tyre with appreciable performance and lower rolling resistance suitable for any climatic condition? Then, all-season tyres are your best buy. These tyres last longer and provide decent handling irrespective of the climatic conditions.
  3. At our facility, you can find tyres from all of the leading brands like Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama, Pirelli etc. Our experts can also provide mobile tyre-fitting services at your specified location.


    When should you change your vehicle’s tyres?

    Go for a professional tyre replacement Sheffield from an authorised garage if you come across any of the following signs of wear or damage:

    • If there is any gap between the polyester bands and metal of the tyre, then the tyre will be out of balance, and this is usually non-repairable.
    • You will hear a distinct humming sound that changes with speed if there is a chopped tread. It mainly results from a malfunctioning suspension.
    • You will observe a noticeable lack of traction and increased hydroplaning due to tread wear.
    • A puncture in the sidewall
    • Once the tyre tread has worn down to 3mm (expert recommendation) or to the legal limit of 1.6mm

    If you are searching “best car tyres near me,” give your search a rest and leave it to us.

    You can easily buy car tyres Sheffield from our online shop, renowned for its excellent tyre selection. With your order you can decide whether you would like to get the tyres delivered to your home, have them fitted at our workshop or use our mobile fitting service.

     Feel free to reach us at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions via call, or you can also visit our facility directly.

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