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Are you looking for the Carbon Cleaning services for your vehicle?


Carbon cleaning is the process of removing deposits of carbon, gums, tars, and other anomalies, which form over time inside your car’s engine. When layers of hardened carbon build up inside the engine, its capability to perform reduces.

As such, periodic engine carbon cleaning Sheffield become a necessity. If you are looking for carbon cleaning services in South Yorkshire, Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions will be the right choice.

We have trained experts who use state-of-the-art equipment to clean your car’s engine and remove all carbon deposits. Your car engine will perform like it initially did after we render our services.

Benefits of cleaning your car’s engine

Other than improving your car’s performance, engine carbon cleaning has the following benefits -

  1. Decreased emissions – By lowering your car’s carbon emissions, you not only help the environment but also pass the MOT test.
  2. Improved fuel economy – Engine carbon cleaning can lead to lower fuel consumption.
  3. Reduced wear of other components – Cleaning your car’s engine can also increase the longevity of other components (like DPF, turbocharger, catalytic converter, etc.).
  4. Cleans the DPF – Car carbon cleaning Sheffield can also remove the soot deposits within the diesel particulate filter or DPF.

Other than the above, carbon cleaning lowers the engine noises and vehicle vibrations to a greater extent. It also helps you save considerably by eliminating the chances of critical breakdowns that require expensive repairs and replacements.

Our process of engine carbon cleaning Sheffield

We use the latest HHO gas for engine cleaning. Compared to other processes that use chemicals, this method is fast, efficient, and more effective. Our technicians don’t have to disassemble the engine to clean it.

Steps -

  1. Machines used for carbon cleaning split water molecules into the composite elements of oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis to produce HHO gas (oxyhydrogen).
  2. Fuel and air inside the engine are mixed with HHO when passing through your car’s inlet manifold.
  3. HHO combustion, generating a temperature much stronger than fuel combustion, atomizes the carbon accumulation inside the engine.
  4. By-products of the reaction, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, are ejected from the exhaust pipe.  

All of these steps for carbon cleaning take less than an hour to complete and makes your car driveable again.

Looking for the best carbon cleaning services?

If you are still searching – “engine carbon cleaning service near me” – then its time to stop. Come down to our garage at Jubilee House, 10-12 Clay Wheels Ln, Sheffield S6 1LZ. Call us on 0114 285 2577 or 7904 070456 for more information.

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