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Are you looking for the DPF Cleaning services for your vehicle?


As per the Euro 5 emission standards announced in 2009, every diesel vehicle in the UK must have a DPF or a diesel particulate filter. The component helps to minimise diesel engine emissions, which are known to harm the environment more compared to petrol engine emissions.

With prolonged use, the DPF can get clogged owing to excess soot deposits. To have the DPF manually cleaned, you need professional help.

For DPF cleaning Sheffield, you can come to Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions. We have a team of experts and the necessary equipment to clean your vehicle’s DPF and restore its initial capacity.

What does a DPF do?

A diesel particulate filter is an exhaust aftertreatment component that regulates the release of elemental carbon, commonly known as soot, or diesel particulates from your car.

The DPF burns off the excess soot deposits through active and passive regeneration. However, at times, this process may fail to work, which calls for manual intervention.

In such cases, a professional DPF flush Sheffield is necessary. And, our auto garage is the ideal place where you can get your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter cleaned.

What are the consequences of driving with a clogged DPF?

Continuing to drive with a blocked DPF can result in the complete failure of the component. When it fails, you will have to replace the DPF, which can be exceptionally costly.

A new diesel particulate filter can cost somewhere between £1,000 and £3,500. Several car owners have this component removed completely to avoid the hassle of manual cleaning and such high expenses in case of replacement.

Driving a diesel vehicle without a DPF

Since 2014, it has become mandatory or diesel cars to have a DPF. Driving a vehicle without a DPF is against the law in the UK and can attract a fine between £1,000 and £2,500.

The MOT test was also modified in 2018 to ensure diesel car owners abide by the same. Not only will MOT testers check the exhaust emissions of such vehicles more strictly, but they will also inspect whether the DPF was tampered or removed.

To ensure you don’t fail your MOT test or have to pay an unnecessary fine, bring your car to our facility for a DPF cleaning Sheffield. The service is significantly cheaper than the penalty fee charged in case of failing the MOT.

How will you know if your car’s DPF is clogged?

Look for the following signs –

  1. Drop in fuel economy.
  2. Black smoke from the exhaust pipe.
  3. Decreased power and acceleration.
  4. Smell of diesel inside the vehicle.
  5. Engine oil level has increased.
  6. Vehicle does not start.

Still searching – “DPF cleaning near me”?

It’s time to stop and come down to Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions for a DPF cleaning Sheffield. Give us a call on 0114 285 2577 or 7904 070456 to book an appointment. We are located in Address: Jubilee House, 10-12 Clay Wheels Ln, Sheffield S6 1LZ.

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