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Are you looking for the Re-mapping services for your vehicle?


ECU remapping, engine remapping, or chip tuning, often called chipping, is the process of installing a 3rd party software in a car’s ECU to replace the existing one.

Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions is one of the most premier auto garages for ECU remapping Sheffield in the county of South Yorkshire. We have the latest equipment and trained professionals who can remap your car’s ECU to deliver the necessary performance you seek.

What are the advantages of ECU remapping?

You can get the following advantages from your car by having its engine remapped –

  1. Increased power – By remapping you’re your car’ engine, you can get higher power of up to 30% from it.
  2. More torque – Through chip tuning, your vehicle will also deliver more torque – up to 30% for turbo diesel cars, up to 20% for turbo petrol cars, and up to 10% for non-turbo petrol cars.
  3. Higher fuel economy – ECU remapping can increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 20% under normal driving conditions.

Other than the above, engine remapping can also increase your vehicle’s throttle response and rev range.

When should you consider an engine remapping Sheffield?

If you added new components or ancillary parts (like exhaust manifold, intercooler, etc.) to your car, you should opt for ECU remapping Sheffield. Doing so will allow you to get more from your vehicle and the installed hardware.

Few points to consider before opting for an engine remap

  • Works best for turbocharged cars, both diesel and petrol. The more powerful and larger your car engine, the higher performance you will receive from remapping.
  • Can be reversed to original software without any trace.
  • Recommended to use premium, high-octane fuel for petrol vehicles after remapping to avoid engine pre-detonation.
  • May void your car’s warranty.

How will you know if your car’s DPF is clogged?

Look for the following signs –

  1. Drop in fuel economy.
  2. Black smoke from the exhaust pipe.
  3. Decreased power and acceleration.
  4. Smell of diesel inside the vehicle.
  5. Engine oil level has increased.
  6. Vehicle does not start.

Why Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions?

Engine remapping should always be performed by experienced professionals to ensure complete safety. We at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions abide by all of the above to make sure that the ECU remap does not have any harmful effects on your car’s engine. 

So, stop searching – “engine remapping near me” – and come down to our auto garage. Contact us on 0114 285 2577 or 7904 070456 for more information. Visit us at Jubilee House, 10-12 Clay Wheels Ln, Sheffield S6 1LZ.

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