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Are you looking for the Summer Tyre services for your vehicle?


When the days get longer, and the sun shows its best side again, it is time to take off the winter clothes.

This also applies to your car. From April it is worth having the summer tyres fitted. Why? Summer tyres are made of a harder rubber compound, ideally composed for higher temperatures and speeds.

With summer tyres Sheffield from Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions you can quickly and safely go on holiday or to the seaside at the weekend - without any significant wear and tear because summer tyres are made for the heat. And that's not all: if you are surprised by an unexpected summer thunderstorm, summer tyres will keep good grip even in the wet. At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions in Sheffield, we have a huge selection of different summer tyres available. We will be happy to advise you and carry out your next tyre change.


Summer tyres should be driven between April and October. You can easily remember this period: from E to O - from Easter to October. What is also particularly crucial with summer tyres, especially with regard to your safety, is the tread depth. The law requires a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm; experts recommend a tread depth of 3.0 mm and some manufacturers even recommend 4 mm as the optimum tread depth. If you stay somewhere in the middle, you are always on the safe side, but don't be too lax. The more worn out the tread of your summer tyres, the worse the grip of the tyre on the ground in wet conditions, keyword aquaplaning. But to make sure it doesn't get that far; Summer tyres Sheffield offers high-quality summer tyres at a reasonable price. Here you can get summer tyres of all popular brands and models, Continental, Dunlop and Pirelli are just a few of them. We also stock a variety of quality budget tyres.

At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions you can buy summer tyres Sheffield, for every budget.

Not sure which summer tyres to buy? Our competent service staff will give you individual and transparent advice. And once you have decided on a set of summer tyres, you can easily buy them directly from our website.

At the same time, you can also book a suitable fitting appointment.

We will certainly also balance your wheels for you - a standard procedure to increase safety and tyre life of your summer tyres preventing uneven tread wear. 

Buy summer tyres Sheffield, at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions.  

You can certainly also come to us with all other car-related concerns. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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