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Are you looking for the Timing Belt service for your vehicle?


On this page, we would like to tell you a little bit more about the so-called Timing Belt and Cambelt.

The basis of every Timing Belt or Cam Belt is a rubber compound. However, despite constant research and analysis, it cannot be prevented that they become brittle and lose their elasticity over time.

The Timing Belt or Cam Belt transmits the movement of the crankshaft to other auxiliary units such as the servo pump, the water pump or the alternator. Tension and deflection pulleys ensure that the Belt is always under sufficient tension and "runs smoothly" despite the high speeds. If the Belt no longer has enough tension or is even torn, the car parts in question can no longer fulfil their function. Therefore, the Timing Belt or Cam Belt must be replaced at regular intervals or as required. You can find the right garage for Cambelt Change Sheffield service right here - at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions!

When should the Timing Belt be replaced?

The Timing Belt, as well as Cam Belt, must be replaced at regular intervals(please check your vehicles' manual) or in the event of a defect. However, an experienced mechanic will also determine whether the Belt needs to be replaced during an inspection or vehicle check. It needs to be changed regardless of whether it is a Timing Belt or Cam Belt. Under no circumstances should you wait until either of the belts are broken or torn, because changing on time is the lesser and above all cheaper "evil" compared to possible engine damage.

How can you check the Timing Belt/Cambelt yourself?

Whether it is time to change it, you can easily check yourself. If you pull on it firmly with your finger, it should never move more than one or two centimetres. You should also check for cracks and porous areas. These are also reasons for changing.

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Changing it in good time protects against bad consequences

Tensioned V-belt via generator and idler pulleys.

If the Belt breaks before it has been replaced in time, various consequences can occur. A very common effect of a broken Cambelt/Timing Belt, for example, is a sluggish steering system and the alternator can no longer generate electricity. In the worst case, this can also result in engine damage. When the broken Belt damages the water pump it stops, the engine cooling system collapses, and the engine overheats within a few minutes.

What do you have to consider when changing the Timing Belt or Cam Belt?

Changing a belt is not really a difficult task. Usually, the change is completed in one and two hours, depending on the type of vehicle. However, changing the Belt sometimes requires a lot of effort if the rubber belt has to be tensioned. And in any case, a high degree of care should be taken when changing. Because if a belt slips, the additional units that depend on it are no longer appropriately driven. So always leave the replacement to an expert!

Changing Timing Belts Sheffield in the Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions workshop.

Our Professionals know exactly how to proceed when changing the Belt. They have the expertise and all necessary specialised tools.

So, just bring your vehicle to us, and we will do the rest.

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