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Since its inception, Avon has been making high-quality tyres for cars, vans, motorbikes and trailers. Previously owned by Avon Rubber, the company was sold to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in 1997, and its products have improved significantly there on.

Avon tyres are known for their design, quality and durability. Their incorporation of the latest designs and modern technologies has garnered the attention of many leading vehicle brands like Triumph, TVR, KTM and Caterham.

At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we stock an extensive selection of Avon tyres Sheffield, suitable for automobiles of any make and model.

Top 6 bestselling Avon tyres Sheffield

  1. Avon Rangemaster
  2. This tyre is designed explicitly for the Land Rover Defender. It is the perfect tyre for off-roading and offers excellent wet and dry grip. It helps you to handle your car effortlessly besides ensuring a noise-free driving experience. These qualities also make it the #1 choice for leading 4×4 manufacturers.

  3. Avon WT7 Snow
  4. With a directional winter tread pattern, this premium tyre is ideal to navigate on snowy roads. These durable tyres provide exceptional grip on wet roads and also offers impressive traction on dry surfaces. The tread does not wear out quickly, making these tyres very cost-efficient and practical.

  5. Avon Turbosteel 70
  6. These Avon tyres Sheffield are manufactured with superior noise cancellation technologies. It is ideal for all-season use as it offers moderately good wet and dry grip. With a unique 4 rib tread design, these units provide fantastic handling efficiency.

  7. Caterham Academy
  8. Avon’s Caterham Academy tyres are made with a silica-rich compound that helps to provide consistent performance throughout their life span. These products are designed specifically to match the chassis and performance characteristics of the Caterham Academy cars.

  9. WM-VAN
  10. It is a premium winter tyre specifically made for van fitments. It provides exceptional handling performance and superb braking efficiency on icy, slippery surfaces.

  11. ZT7
  12. ZT7 is one of the latest premium summer tyres manufactured by the company. Its silica-rich compound enhances traction, wet braking, lateral grip and steering response by quite a few notches. It ensures uniform tyre-to-surface contact that provides even load distribution.

If you have been searching for “tyres near me” all over the internet, look no further and visit our facility to buy Avon tyres Sheffield.

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