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Continental Tyres

Established in 1871, Continental AG is the largest German tyre manufacturer and also specialises in auto parts such as braking systems, electronics, and chassis components for many different classes of vehicles.

The brand has been synonymous with innovation and has significantly reshaped the tyre industry. In fact, it was the first tyre manufacturer to introduce grooved tread patterns.

We, at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, stock an extensive collection of Continental tyres Sheffield matching all your requirements.

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What we offer:

Continental manufactures top-quality tyres for a variety of passenger cars, SUVs, 4x4s, and sports cars. You can find the following Continental products in our inventory.

Summer tyres

The harder summer tyres are optimised to cruise comfortably on hot tarmacs. These tyres offer reduced rolling resistance and exceptional braking performance in summers, and ensure a comfortable noise-free ride.

We retail the best summer tyres from Continental, including the following:

  • EcoContact™ 6
  • PremiumContact™ 6
  • CrossContact™ RX
  • SportContact™ 6
  • ContiCrossContact™ LX 2

Winter tyres

Since these units are made with unique high-silica compounds, the softer winter tyres come with deeper grooves and multiple sipes to increase traction while accelerating and braking on snow. These tyres are a must in colder climates (<7 degrees) as the summer tyres harden and are dangerous to drive in cold winters.

To comply with the unpredictable UK weather, we stock Continental winter tyres such as:

  • WinterContact™ TS 850 P
  • WinterContact™ TS 860 S
  • ContiCrossContact™ Winter
  • VikingContact™ 7
  • ContiVikingContact™ 6

All-season tyres

Multi-season tyres are all the rage in Sheffield, as they can be used throughout the year. These tyres have an intermediate tread depth between the season-specific variants, and therefore, offer top performance, irrespective of the weather. Continental’s AllSeasonContact™ is one of the most popular tyres among our customers in Sheffield and promises reliability and driving efficiency in every season.

Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions for all your tyre requirements!

Our collection of car tyres Sheffield includes reputed brands like Continental in addition to several other industry leaders. Even if you do not know the correct size that you need, our in-house experts will assist you to find the perfect match for your 4-wheeler.

We are located at Jubilee House, 10-12 Clay Wheels, Lane, Sheffield, S6 1LZ, UK. Feel free to visit us during business hours.

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