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Dunlop Tyres

One of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world, Dunlop started its operation back in 1890. John Boyd Dunlop, a pioneer in his own right, established this company in Dublin, and with time, it has become a global giant.

The product range of Dunlop is vast, and its rich history of innovation has made it a brand of choice among car owners. If you are planning to buy Dunlop tyres Sheffield, you can contact us at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions.

Take a look at what we have in store for you.

  • Dunlop summer tyres

StreetResponse 2

Specially designed for summers, this tyre offers excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Also, the Hybrid Overlay Technology used here reduces circumferential deformations at high speed. It results in improved stability, smooth driving experience and reduces accelerated tread wear as well.

SP SportMaxx GT

If you have requirements for performance-oriented summer tyres, you can opt for this one. Crafted with the advanced Dunlop Touch Technology, this tyre can deliver accurate handling and cornering precision. Since it has a comparatively flat tread profile, it allows more rubber to be in contact with the road, thereby enhancing traction significantly.

If you buy Dunlop tyres Sheffield of this variant, it will also provide you with the benefits of run-flat tyres as well.

  • Dunlop winter tyres

Winter Sport 5

This variant of winter car tyres Sheffield provides superior traction on slippery surfaces. It has an innovative tread design that improves its ability to grab onto the surface. As a result, it delivers a high level of lateral grip on icy winter roads.

Also, the unique design distributes the weight optimally, thus reducing rolling resistance while also improving fuel economy.

SP Winter Sport M3

The build compound and tread pattern of this tyre provide exceptional traction and braking performance on icy, slippery roads. Also, the wider grooves evacuate water and slush with ease, providing excellent control on wet roads besides enhancing hydroplaning resistance.

  • Dunlop all-season tyres

Grandtrek AT20

This is one of the most technologically advanced car tyres in Dunlop’s ranges. It has a customised tread design that allows it to offer superior traction throughout the year. Along with that, it also reduces rolling noise and provides a quiet and comfortable ride.

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