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The Taiwanese rubber and tyre company, Federal Corporation, is one of the fastest-growing tyre manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1954, the company has built an impressive supply chain all around the world, with operations in over 70 countries.

Federal Corporation started as a rubber company and initially lacked familiarity with the tyre manufacturing process. However, with technical partnerships with Bridgestone and Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the company quickly gained due technical expertise required to manufacture its line-up of tyres.

If you are looking for a reliable car tyre retailer Sheffield to buy Federal’s products, visit Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions.

Invest in quality Federal car tyres Sheffield

  1. Fedeal UHP tyres
  2. Federal Corporation focuses heavily on UHP tyres for speed enthusiasts. These tyres are meant to handle incredible speeds while providing excellent steering response and cornering potential.

    Federal UHP tyres Sheffield have wider grooves placed tactically to offer superior grip even at high speeds, and a lower aspect ratio for improved handling. Here are the most sought-after UHP tyres you will find in our inventory:

    • 595RS-R/RR/PRO
    • Evoluzion F60
    • Evoluzion ST-1
    • 595RPM
    • 595EVO
  3. Federal Passenger Tyres
  4. Our customers have mostly praised the all-season passenger tyres from Federal as they provide quiet and comfortable rides. These tyres come with a unique tread design that features a reinforced central rib and unique sidewall construction.

    The wet grip compounds combine with the tread design to offer superior grip and cornering ability while minimizing heat dissipation and rolling resistance. At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, you will find the following Federal tyres Sheffield:

    • Federal Formoza FD2
    • Federal Evolution ST-1
    • Federal Formoza GIO
  5. Federal SUVs and 4x4 tyres
  6. The robust construction of Federal 4WD tyres makes them suitable for SUV owners who desire stability and traction on a variety of surfaces. These tyres come with a reinforced casing and distinct tread design, making them versatile enough for on and off-road riding.

    Here are the top-selling Federal SUV tyres at our facility:

    • Federal Couragia A/T
    • Federal Couragia M/T
    • Federal Couragia XUV/ F/X
    • XPLORA MTS, R/T, M/T, A/P

Visit us for top-quality vehicle tyres in Sheffield

At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we stock an extensive collection of car tyres, including Federal tyres Sheffield and units from several other trusted and renowned brands as well.

If you have specific requirements in mind, drive down to our facility at Jubilee House, 10-12 Clay Wheels, Lane, Sheffield, S6 1LZ, UK.

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