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The Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company was established in 1900 by Harvey Firestone. The brand began its operations as a supplier of ‘solid rubber side wire tyres’ for fire trucks, and later, it started producing products for passenger cars.

Firestone quickly gathered a reputation as a mass producer of quality tyres at an affordable rate. In 1988, the Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone acquired the operations of Firestone. Currently, the company has a global presence with an extensive product range catering to every client’s requirements.

Are you looking for Firestone tyres Sheffield?

In that case, you can visit Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions. We are one of the leading sellers of Firestone tyres in this region. We have an extensive inventory of products, which includes tyres of different sizes, types, and price ranges.

Here are some top products from Firestone that we have on offer –

  1. RoadHawk
  2. This purpose-built summer tyre is well-known for its long tread life and superior grip on any surface. The unique compound and innovative tread design offer greater aquaplaning resistance and enhanced traction on wet roads. It has also achieved ‘A’ rating for wet grip in EU testing.

    Therefore, if you are looking to buy Firestone tyres Sheffield for regular usage, RoadHawk can be a top pick for you.

  3. Destination HP
  4. One of the most popular Firestone car tyres Sheffield among SUV owners is the Destination HP. This is one of the flagship products of Firestone and famous for its stability and traction on dry and wet tarmacs alike.

    Also, the rolling resistance of this tyre is low; hence, it offers improved fuel economy.

  5. Winterhawk 4
  6. Specially designed for harsh winters, this tyre offers excellent grip, braking efficiency and cornering precision on slippery winter roads. It has specially designed grooves that evacuate water, slush and ice superbly.

  7. Destination Winter
  8. Firestone car tyres Sheffield from the Destination series offer commendable performance during the harshest part of the year. The proprietary NanoPro-Tech compound enables this tyre to offer excellent braking performance on icy and slippery surfaces.

    Stop your search for ‘tyres near me’ and give us a call.

We, at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, hold a stock that can cater to all client requirements. You can come down to our store at Jubilee House, 10-12 Clay Wheels, Lane, Sheffield, S6 1LZ, UK, and check-out our collection of Firestone tyres Sheffield.

Moreover, in case of any query, you can call us on 0114 285 2577/ 07904 070456.

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