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The United States Rubber Company, better known as Uniroyal, is an inexpensive yet massively popular tyre manufacturer in the world. The company was founded in the year 1892 in Naugatuck, Connecticut, as one of the 12 original stocks on DJIA and instantly became famous as rain masters.

If you find yourself looking for Uniroyal tyres Sheffield, pay us - Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions - a visit.

What makes Uniroyal tyres special?

Owned by Michelin in North America, Colombia, and Peru, and Continental AG outside those regions, the manufacturing process of Uniroyal Inc. is handled by industry experts that need no introduction. The company focuses heavily on incorporating new technologies into its products and has been able to manufacture top-quality inexpensive tyres since its inception.

The Tiger Paw, Uniroyal’s most popular tyre series, has links to the original Tiger Pontiac GTO, as this tyre was used as original equipment fitment for the sensational muscle car.

If you are looking to buy car tyres Sheffield, here are some reasons why you may prefer Uniroyal tyres over others.

  • Technological advancements have significantly propelled the company forward. Uniroyal has developed unique compound combinations and tread patterns in its tyres that ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience in all weathers and terrains.
  • The company has a comprehensive portfolio of products. Irrespective of the car make and model, Uniroyal Inc. will have a set of tyres meeting your requirements. You will find products ranging in aspect ratio from 145 to 295mm and rim diameter 13 to 21 inches, matching a variety of vehicles.
  • The Shark Skin Technology, developed by Uniroyal, uses advanced bionics to replicate real shark skin pattern on the tyre tread surface. This addition significantly reduced the risk of aquaplaning and reduced liquid turbulence underneath the tyres.
    These technologies have made Uniroyal develop a reputation of being rain masters.
  • When you purchase Uniroyal tyres Sheffield, each unit will have already gone through immaculate inspection for quality and durability. Thus, the company ensures that the tyres are roadworthy and fuel-efficient while providing maximum safety.

Uniroyal products at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions

At our workshop, you will find one of the most extensive collections of Uniroyal tyres in the UK.

Here are some of our most popular Uniroyal tyres in Sheffield:

  • Summer tyres

RainSport 5

RainSport 3

RainExpert 3

  • Winter tyres


MS Plus 77

Snow Max 2

  • All-season tyres


AllSeasonExpert 2


  • Commercial vehicle tyres

Rain Max 3

Snow Max 3

  • 4x4 tyres

Rallye 4x4 Street

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Our in-house tyre experts will help you make the best choice by keeping your requirements in mind. Drive down to us at Jubilee House, 10-12 Clay Wheels, Lane, Sheffield, S6 1LZ, UK.

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