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Are you looking for the Wheel Refurbishment services for your vehicle?

Wheel Refurbishment

Worried about alloy wheel damage? You can reach out to us for premium wheel refurbishment Sheffield! At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we use the best-grade wheel paint and powder to ensure we can match most, if not all, OEM colours to make your car wheels look as good as new.

We are a leading wheel refurbishment service facility in Sheffield and its neighbouring regions. Not only the best quality products but also friendly, accessible services and competitive pricing, make us the one-stop destination for every wheel refurbishment need in this part of the isle.

Your search for “wheel refurbishment near me” ends with us!

Our wheel refurbishment processes

Alloy wheel refurbishment at our facility primarily involves three processes:

  1. Powder coating

When the damage to your wheels is extremely severe, or too many areas are damaged, we use a powder coating and wet spray refurbishment combination. It involves the refurbishment of the entire wheel, whether it’s a complete change of the wheel colour or restoring it to its original colour.

This process involves removing the old coating, repairing the damages and corrosion, and applying a new layer. We use specialised ovens and equipment for this refurbishment process to ensure best in class finish and durability.

You can reach out to us to get a quote for alloy wheel refurbishment Sheffield!

  1. SMART repairs

Also known as cosmetic repairs, it involves the refurbishment of a small or medium area of the wheel. When the damage to your wheels is not that severe and is limited to specific areas, we deploy the cosmetic repairing process.

We treat the damage locally and strive to blend the refurbished area with the rest of the wheel. Unlike the process mentioned above, SMART repairs do not involve removing the original coating.

  1. Diamond cutting

This process is virtually similar to powder coating. But, in this process, we make use of the diamond cut lathe. This lathe removes a micro section of the wheel’s metal to produce the metal finish or diamond-cut finish to the wheel’s front face.

Benefits of alloy wheel refurbishment

Your car wheels are susceptible to several damages, from dents to scrapes, because of rough roads, stone chips, debris, sunken maintenance holes, and potholes.

Here’s how wheel refurbishment benefits you:

  • Low cost - If you compare wheel refurbishment to buying new wheels, the former is considerably cheaper. Moreover, with us, you get the best in class wheel refurbishment services at competitive prices.
  • Provides safety - Dents in your wheels can compromise road safety, depending on the extent of the damage. Therefore, you might want to avail professional wheel refurbishment Sheffield from us before it leads to any serious issue.
  • Improves resale value - As is natural, your car wheels wear over time due to a host of factors. With our wheel refurbishment services, you can rest assured your wheels will look as good as new. Thus, it increases your vehicle’s resale value.
  • Range of finishes - At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we provide an array of finishes. Whether you’re looking to completely change the look of your wheels, or want to get back to the original OEM colour, we can take care of it.

So, give a call on +44 114 285 2577 or 7904 070456 and book your wheel refurbishment in Sheffield with us today!

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