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Window Tinting

Looking to tint your car windows and windscreen in Sheffield? Well, look no further. Here at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, our professional window tinting Sheffield services are affordable, effective, and road-safe.

We only use the best quality window tinting films to ensure out-and-out utility. Backed by our in-house experts with years of experience in car window tinting, we guarantee no peel, bubble, discolouration, or crack.

Give your car a new look and ensure a comfortable ride for yourself and the co-passengers with our diverse range of tinted films, be it coloured layers or high performing interlayer. With us, you no longer need to search for “window tinting near me”.

Why is window tinting?

Window tinting is not merely an aesthetic addition. It’s an investment to improve the passenger cabin’s comfort. A few reasons why you should get window tinting for your vehicle are:

  1. A better environment

Window tinting reduces the glare from the sun and also keeps the overall temperature of the passenger cabin lower. Therefore, it improves your visibility when driving and also uplifts the overall comfort level.

  1. Keeps out harmful rays

It not only keeps the heat out, but also protects you and the passengers from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation can cause severe skin ailments and lead to premature ageing. Long drives without tinted windows can lead to overexposure to UV rays.

  1. Protects the car’s interior

A crucial advantage of window tinting Sheffield is that it preserves the condition of the upholstery and plastics inside your car. Just as it can cause skin problems to passengers, UV radiations can cause the upholstery to discolour through bleaching and the plastics to dry out and crack. With UV-filtering window tinting films, the padding will not fade as rapidly, and plastics will be less susceptible to cracking.

  1. Offers privacy

With window tinting, you can also ensure privacy in your vehicle. Even though the front windows and windscreens are subject to laws, you can get tints for the rear window and windshield in any shade of darkness.

  1. Saves fuel

Since window tinting keeps the overall temperature in the car’s interior low, you might not always need the AC to work hard to keep the temperature low. This way, you can save on fuel.

Legislation for window tinting in the UK

Tinting on the front windows and windscreens are regulated in the UK. Tints offering darkness above a certain level can reduce visibility, which can be especially risky during the night. Therefore, UK laws mandate the following:

  • Front windscreen must let in at least 75% light, and front side windows must let in 70% light minimum, for vehicles used on and after 1st April 1985.
  • Both front windscreen and windows must allow at least 70% light, for vehicles used before 1st April 1985.

We apply tints keeping in mind these legislations when you come to us for window tinting Sheffield. So, contact Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions today and give your car windows a new look with our range of tinted films.

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