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Are you looking for the Winter Tyre services for your vehicle?

The next winter will definitely come - and that's why you should already start thinking about your winter tyres today. When you buy your winter tyres Sheffield, you are acting in the interest of your own safety. Besides, winter tyres are required by law in many European countries as soon as the weather conditions make it necessary. 


So, if you are planning to go abroad during the winter months, keep this in mind.

Even though it is not mandatory in the UK to have winter tyres fitted,  you should put them on your car at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius, as winter tyres achieve better road grip, which gives you more safety. If you buy winter tyres Sheffield, look for the Alpine symbol, a snowflake in a three-pronged mountain, or the M+S inscription. With these tyres, the rubber compound and tread provide exceptional grip on ice and snow.

When you should buy new winter tyres Sheffield depends on the condition of the old tyres. A min. tread depth of 1.6 millimetres is mandatory, but experts recommend three to four millimetres. The following also applies: tyres older than seven years should be replaced.


Safely through ice and snow with the right winter tyre.

Buy winter tyres Sheffield, at Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions.

For optimum safety, winter tyres should be fitted from around October onwards, which are then replaced by corresponding summer tyres in April.

The softer rubber compound of winter tyres is adapted to the lower temperatures, and the tread of these car tyres must also be able to meet completely different requirements than summer tyres.

Winter tyres can also considerably increase driving safety compared to all-season tyres.


At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we offer you a comprehensive range of high-quality winter tyres from renowned test winners at favourable prices.


Your advantages when you buy winter tyres Sheffield, from Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions

If you buy your winter tyres in Sheffield,  Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions offers you winter tyres from brand manufacturers such as Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin only to name a few.

You can easily order them directly from our website (plus book a fitting appointment at the same time) or come directly to our workshop.

If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to provide you with personal and individual advice.  When you buy winter tyres from Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, we also take care of the fitting and professional balancing of the winter tyres for you. At Martin Lee Vehicle Solutions, you can choose from a wide range of different winter tyres. So, you can find the right winter tyre Sheffield, for your vehicle - including winter tyre fitting.

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